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64-bit Windows drivers are now shipping

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Are you running an XP Pro x64 system? 64-bit Windows drivers for all current MOTU audio and MIDI interfaces are now shipping and available for download here.

The updated 64-bit drivers include 32-bit emulation, allowing you to freely use 64-bit and 32-bit audio software applications simultaneously.

All current MOTU interfaces (FireWire, PCI-X, PCI Express, USB 2 audio and USB MIDI) are supported, including the new UltraLite half-rack bus-powered 10x14 FireWire interface, the 192kHz bus-powered Traveler, the 828mkII (FireWire and USB 2 models), the 896 (both the original and HD models), the original 828 FireWire interface and all current (PCI-X and PCI Express) PCI-424 core systems.

Supported USB MIDI interfaces include the MIDI Timepiece AV, MIDI Express XT, MIDI Express 128, micro express, micro lite and FastLane-USB.