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Looking for some excitement in your life? Try DP 7.2…

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Digital Performer beta testers could barely contain their excitement (and their non-disclosure agreements) when they first experimented with DP 7.2's new Themes. Within minutes of posting the first beta with this feature, comments like "AWESOME work guys!" and "I'm as giddy as a school girl!" came flooding in to MOTU Central. Want to see what all the excitement is about? If you own Version 7, you can now download the free Version 7.2 updater and see for yourself.

Themes let you completely change the look and feel of Digital Performer's entire user interface with one click. Here is just a small sampling of the many comments we received about Version 7.2's Themes:

"AWESOME work guys! This is really cool."

"Thank you MOTU. You guys are the best!"

"Digging the themes! I’m as giddy as a school girl..."

"Man...This is really amazing! I am SO excited at this version and can’t wait for this to hit the users."

"I have to admit, I’m stunned! Thanks MOTU."

"Themes are worth more than you can imagine. This looks so cool!"

"These themes totally change the playing field. Hats off, MOTU!"

"7.2 looks and feels amazing guys. Really great work. Thanks very much!"

"As usual, MOTU has exceeded my expectations."

This free update includes the new Themes feature, live searching in list windows, right-click menus, and more, plus all the features and enhancements first introduced in DP 7.12 and earlier. For an overview of the latest new features, visit What's new in DP 7.2. Refer to the download description and update Read Me documentation for complete details.

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