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MachFive 3.1 update adds new effects, new script processors

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"I just want to say THANK YOU for the new 3.1 new update. Great work!!! Thanks to the MOTU Team! This is GREAT software."

True to its name, MachFive's new SparkVerb™ reverb module will inspire your production sensibilities with a fresh approach to synthetic reverb. From stratospheric choruses, to resonant unisons, and to lush ambiances, SparkVerb gives you a huge palette and direct control. Also new in Version 3.1, straight from the 1970's, is a meticulously engineered model of the analog ensemble effect in the Roland Paraphonic RS-505 string synth. Highly coveted, nearly impossible to obtain, now it's yours. You'll also have a blast exploring MachFive 3.1's six new script processors, like Shepard™, which produces the classic endless rising (or dropping) pitch effect. Best of all, Version 3.1 is now available as a free download for all MachFive 3 users.

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Like MachFive's dozens of other effects, you can apply SparkVerb at just about any location in MachFive's signal chain, from individual sample layers to the main output bus. Dozens of presets are provided, so you can zero in quickly on the desired ambiance or effect, or begin building your own unique SparkVerb creation.

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Ensemble 505™

If you ever worked with the Roland Paraphonic RS-505, you know how truly special the ensemble effects was in that unit. Here's your chance to relive it and apply it to any audio material you wish. If you will be experiencing it for the first time, get ready for an effect that may very likely become one of your favorites.

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Ensemble 505

Six new script processors

Imagine being able to pitch-bend a note, chord, or arpeggiator upwards continuously for 2, 4, 8 or even 16 bars. Now you can, with MachFive 3.1's new Shepard processor, which produces the classic endless rising (or dropping) pitch effect made famous by Roger Shepard and Jean-Calude Risset. Use this new processor on any instrument you wish.

Shepard is one of six exciting new processors now available, including StepLine, a bass line step editor for programming killer bass parts quickly, and Tonal Harmonizer, which harmonizes each note of a scale with a chord from the same scale.

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Using MIDI program changes to switch sounds from your MIDI controller

Do you play MachFive 3 from your MIDI controller during live performance? Version 3.1 has a simple, yet powerful new script that could revolutionize your on-stage workflow. It's called Program Change Switcher, and it lets you use MIDI program change messages sent from your controller to change which MachFive part you are playing on the fly. For example, you could have a piano sound loaded into part 1, organ in part 2, and strings in part 3. If you assign the parts to MIDI channels 1, 2 and 3 respectively, you can use MIDI program change messages #0, 1 and 2 to switch among the three sounds on the fly. You can even make the switch to another instrument while still sustaining notes from the current one. When combined with the dynamic presets you can custom program, with splits and layers and dynamically controlled effects, MachFive 3.1 becomes unparalleled as your live performance partner.