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New iPhone app for Digital Performer

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DP Control App

DP Control™ is an iPhone app now available as a free download at the Apple app store. DP Control allows you to operate Digital Performer over a WiFi network using your iPhone, iPad or third-generation iPod Touch. Built specifically for use with Digital Performer (Version 7.2 or later), DP Control gives you easy access to the most important transport and mixer functions for tracking, mixing, and live performance.

One-handed operation

One-handed operation

Designed with large, touch-friendly buttons and other UI elements, DP Control works in both landscape and portrait orientations. In portait mode, you can hold your iPhone or iPod in one hand, and comfortably operate DP Control by pressing buttons and swiping to new pages with your thumb.

Two-handed mixing

Multi-touch mixing

Wireless, multi-touch mixing with Digital Performer is now a reality. You can control multiple on-screen Mixing Board faders simultaneously with several fingers. For two-handed mixing, you can turn your iPad sideways and mix with fingers from both hands at once — from the couch across the studio. Faders and other controls are large and easy to grab. You can quickly swipe left and right to access more faders as you mix.

Two-way communication

Bidirectional communication

If you make a change from DP Control on your remote device, such as renaming a take or adding a marker, the corresponding DP project on the host Mac is immediately updated, and vice versa. This two-way communication makes DP Control a seamless extension of DP.

Watch the DP Control movie

In this short video, MOTU's Dave Roberts shows you how easy it is to set up and operate DP Control. You'll get a brief overview of DP Control features, and you'll see it in action.

Feature highlights

  • Real two-way communication: changes made in DP Control are immediately reflected in DP, and vice versa.
  • Editable time counter with selectable format (including real-time, SMPTE time, samples, and marker names).
  • Main transport control and many other transport-related Control Panel functions (click, countoff, memory-cycle, etc.)
  • Page-controlled, scrollable mixer with animated, recordable pan knobs and volume sliders, plus level meters and peak indicators.
  • Solo, Mute, Record-enable, Play automation, Record automation and automation mode settings for each track.
  • Track list for the host DP project, complete with collapsable nested track folders and dynamically linked track organization that matches the currently open DP project on the host Mac.
  • Infinite undo, with the ability to step through the next and previous tasks in the host DP project undo history.
  • Marker creation and naming.
  • New Take, Previous Take, and Next Take functions that operate on all of the record-enabled tracks at once (essential for tracking drums).
  • Take selection, by name, for individual tracks. Also New Take, Delete Take, and Rename Take for the current take on any individual track.
  • Save function for saving changes made to the DP document.
  • Availability

    DP Control is now available as a free download from the Apple App store. It is compatible with any iPhone, iPad, and third-generation iPod Touch, and it requires Digital Performer 7.2 or later running on a Mac on the same WiFi network as DP Control.

    For videos, interactive Flash, and more information, visit the DP Control web page.