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The PCIe-424 card is now shipping

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PCIe (PCI Express) is the latest high-speed PCI expansion technology found in many high-performance PC desktops and the latest generation Power Mac G5 towers from Apple. A new PCIe version of the PCI-424 card is now shipping, allowing you to take full advantage of today's fastest PCIe-equipped Macs and PCs.

How to purchase a PCIe-424 card

The new PCIe-424 card is available for purchase as part of a 2408mk3, HD192 or 24I/O core system (from your favorite MOTU reseller). Be sure to ask your dealer for the PCIe version of the core system you would like to purchase. PCIe is also referred to as "PCI Express".

If you already own a PCI-324 or 424 core system and wish to purchase a PCIe-424 card so that you can run your core system on a PCIe-equipped computer, order the PCIe-424 card directly from the MOTU on-line store.

The earlier PCI-X (3.3 volt) version of the PCI-424 card is still available for purchase from the MOTU on-line store. This card is suitable for older computers that have 3.3-volt PCI-X slots.

Massive I/O performance

Both PCI-X and PCI Express 424 core systems deliver incredible I/O performance. On today's fastest PCs and Macs, a fully-equipped PCI-424 core system (with four 24-channel 424 interfaces) can deliver 96 simultaneous channels of both input and output at sample rates up to 96kHz. A core system equipped with four HD192 interfaces can deliver an astonishing 48 channels of both input and output at 192kHz. No other PCI system gives you this much audio I/O from a single PCI card.

All I/O channels operate as a unified mix matrix under the PCI-424 card's powerful CueMix DSP mixing engine.

Advantages of PCIe

Unlike older parallel technologies, PCI Express guarantees each device dedicated bandwidth to and from the system controller. PCI Express cards and slots are defined by their bandwidth, or number of data lanes — typically one lane, four lanes, eight lanes, or 16 lanes. At 250 MBps per lane, a four-lane slot can transfer data at up to 1 GBps and an eight-lane slot, up to 2 GBps — almost twice as fast as a 133MHz PCI-X slot at a maximum throughput of just over 1 GBps. The new PCIe-424 card can be installed in any PCI Express slot (regardless of its number of lanes). PCI Express delivers more than enough bus bandwidth for the 424 card, while ensuring that other PCI devices won't "steal" bus cycles from the 424 card.