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Digital Performer 9.0

Audio Workstation Software with MIDI Sequencing
DP9 $499
DP9 $499
From previous version of DP $195
From competing product (?) $395
From AudioDesk $395
From Performer $295
From previous version of DP $195
From competing product (?) $395
From AudioDesk $395
From Performer $295
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Digital Performer 9

Buy now or upgrade now for these great new features…

  • MX4™ MultiSynth — Now included with DP, MX4 is a powerful 64-bit virtual instrument plug-in featuring a hybrid synthesis engine that combines several forms of synthesis, including subtractive, wavetable, frequency modulation (FM), amplitude modulation (AM) and analog emulation. Included is a new EDM-inspired soundbank with 120 new presets.
  • Five new plug-ins — Meticulously crafted plug-ins include DP's new MasterWorks™ FET-76™ emulation of the classic 1176LN limiting amplifier (Revision D/E), MultiFuzz™ model of Craig Anderton's seminal QuadraFuzz™ distortion kit from the 70's, MicroG™ and MicroB™ polyphonic octave generators for guitar and bass, and the mind-blowing MegaSynth™ subtractive synth processor.
  • Automation lanes in the Sequence Editor — Display audio and MIDI automation data (volume, pan, plug-in settings, etc.) in separate lanes below each track for easier viewing and editing. Show and hide as many lanes as you wish.
  • Spectrogram display in the Sequence Editor — View the spectral content of each audio track, side by side with their waveforms, directly in the Sequence Editor timeline with a colorful, informative visual representation of the frequency content of your audio material.
  • Retina display support — View DP's carefully crafted UI themes like Carbon Fiber, Producer and all-new DP9 theme in stunning detail on the exceptionally high image resolution of your Mac's Retina display.
  • MusicXML export — Export your DP QuickScribe notation scores as a MusicXML file, which can then be imported into popular music notation applications like Finale™ and Sibelius™. QuickScribe's renowned notation transcription, along with dynamics and many other musical symbols, are preserved during the file transfer.
  • Create Tracks command — Add many tracks to your project in one step — even different types of tracks (MIDI, audio, aux, master faders, etc.) all at once.
  • Floating plug-in windows — Keep plug-in windows in front of all other DP windows. Set the floating preference globally or choose to float on a per-window basis.
  • MIDI Learn for audio plug-ins — Map knobs, faders and switches on your MIDI controller to audio plug-in parameters. Use Digital Performer’s powerful Custom Consoles feature to access advanced programming for the connection.
  • Mute MIDI Notes — Use the Mute Tool to temporarily silence both audio regions and MIDI notes, including multiple selected notes.
  • Project Notes — Save text notes in your DP project, rather than a separate text document. Log production info, keep a To Do list, build up liner notes.
  • More searching — Find Markers, Chunks and plug-in preferences faster with newly added search fields.

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Digital Performer 8 upgrade from competing product
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Digital Performer 8 upgrade from AudioDesk
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Digital Performer 8 upgrade from previous version of DP
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Digital Performer 8 upgrade from Performer
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