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Title Modification Date
Can I use my MOTU hardware with Apple Thunderbolt to FireWire adapter? 04.22.2014
What are the system requirements for the HDX-SDI with Thunderbolt technology? 04.03.2014
Authorize DP7 or AudioDesk3 without an optical disk drive 03.20.2014
64-bit EuCon Support in DP8 for Mac 03.19.2014
How to setup your MOTU hardware for optical expansion 03.17.2014
How do I reset my unit to its Factory Defaults? 03.04.2014
Can I use my MOTU hardware with the 64-bit Mac OS X kernel? Is there a 64-bit version of my software? Can I use my plug-ins in 64-bit applications? 02.27.2014
Opening Programs from MachFive2DVD4-VSL_Orch in MachFive 3 02.27.2014
Electric Keys cannot find my sounds 02.03.2014
What are the system requirements for Digital Performer 5? 01.20.2014
Freezing Instrument Tracks 12.13.2013
MOTU 8pre (FireWire model): noise on left Main Out channel 11.25.2013
MachFive 3.2 validation issue in Digital Performer 11.08.2013
Updated instructions for redeeming your software license code 10.09.2013
How to install and authorize the 64-bit MOTU Symphonic Instrument sound library. 10.07.2013
Authorization loop with Digital Performer or AudioDesk 09.24.2013
MOTU Hardware: Clock Source Setting 08.14.2013
What kind of fuse does my MOTU hardware use? 07.31.2013
What are the system requirements for MX4? 07.16.2013
Enabling .mp3 Export from Digital Performer 8 Using LAME 05.20.2013
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