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I get an Error 103 message; how do I load a chunk or project?

Error 103 is a corrupt file error.

Either you sequence has become corrupt or one of your soundbites.

Try this:

  • Open Digital Performer
  • Create a New EMPTY Project (it should only have a conductor track)
  • Go up to the File Menu and select "Load"
  • Locate the sequence file for the project you've been working on
  • In the window that pops up, select everything INCLUDING the sequence file (marked with the little yellow sequence icon)
  • I'd recommend under Load Chunks option to do data, which actually duplicates the data, but it is then easier to keep in order
  • If it doesn't load or crashes or seems unstable, try the process again and try deselecting some of the options in the load window (consoles, device groups, transpose maps, etc.)

If you do have a corrupt soundbite, what you can do is this (it may be able to salvage the majority of your project):

  • Open up a Finder window and locate the Project you've been working on
  • Take the Audio files folder and move it to another location.
  • Open up Digital Performer and open your sequence
  • DP will not be able to locate the audio files and will give you a window reporting all the soundbites missing
  • Select one and click on Locate
  • Select the soundbite and click on open
  • DO NOT tell DP4 to use this project, rather, manually, select each one, one by one
  • This will tell you which soundbite may be corrupt as DP4 will crash when loading a corrupt soundbite